Please take time to read the following terms and conditions of registration.

FOR ALL STUDENTS [Update 03/05/2024]


Please take time to read the following terms and conditions of registration.


● Admissions are given on a first come first served basis and are subject to the availability
of seats for each course level.

● Students must submit a copy of a valid identity card (Aadhaar, passport etc.) with proof
of address domiciled in Rajasthan, contact details and date of birth at the time of

● Admission forms must be signed by a parent or a legal guardian in the case of minors
(below 18yrs).

● The maximum number of students in a class is limited to 20 students.

● Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to cancel a class with fewer than 15 students

● Registration will be confirmed upon the partial/full payment of the fees via online
banking, UPI payments or cheque payments drawn out in favour of Alliance Francaise

● If partial payment is requested, the student will be asked to fill and sign a “letter of
undertaking”. Please note: a prior approval will be needed from the administration /
Partial payment is an exception and not a rule available only for B and C levels. Partial
payment will be granted as an exception, and will be validated against the proof of
financial incapacity of the student.



● Only the person registered for the class is allowed to attend, no substitute by another
person is allowed. Students must bring along their course receipt and valid identity card
on the first day of class. For the purposes of verification, our staff may request students
to provide proof of identity.

● Students are expected to carry their ID cards while at the Alliance Française Jaipur and
present the same for verification if necessary.
AFJ Rules and regulations 2024
AFJ 2024

● Students should handle with care all equipment and facilities provided by the Alliance
Française Jaipur, and are liable to pay for any damage caused.

● Students are prohibited from entering and using classrooms for any purpose outside of
class hours and from switching on or using the computers, projectors and air
conditioners in the classrooms in the absence of the teacher.

● Students have access to the library for the borrowing of books, but this is a facility
available only during library hours from 11am-4pm and should be done in the presence
of the member of staff.

● Eating breakfast, lunch or snacks in classrooms is strictly prohibited as is hanging around
in corridors or in the staircase. Students are welcome to wait in the seating areas
provided for this purpose on the ground level and use the garden area for recreation
strictly during the office hours. Access to the premises is prohibited during office
holidays and on days the office is closed for reasons of security.

● The Alliance Française Jaipur and its management shall not be held responsible for any
damages, losses or injuries during the course of study at the centre.

● Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to be punctual. A minimum
attendance clause is conditional to receiving the course completion certificate and this
attendance percentage is capped at 70% in the entire course session.

● Students are also requested to let their teacher know at least one day in advance in case
they are going to be missing a class, unless there’s a case of an emergency. A long
absence for medical or other reasons has to be supported by proof of medical
emergency, illness, death of family members, as the case may be.

● While a class session may be annulled in case of an attendance of less than 50%
students enrolled in the class, the teacher has a right to continue taking a class with less
students if they were not informed of the said absences well in advance. A recap of the
said session is dependent upon the discretion of the teacher.

● Mobile phones are to be switched off or kept in silent mode during classes. Students are
not allowed to answer phone calls or return messages during class hours except in the
case of emergencies or if expressly permitted to do so by the teacher.

● Classes may be canceled in the sole possible scenario of not acquiring the minimum
number of registered students, which will be communicated to the students registered
in advance. Possibility of transfer to another class, or a refund will be initiated as the
case might be.

● The Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to change faculty at any point during the
course due to unexpected and unavoidable circumstances.

● Any concern regarding classes should be addressed to the Director of Pedagogy in
writing ([email protected]).

● Internal tests are conducted at regular intervals during the course and a final oral and
written exam is conducted at the end of the course. Students are regularly tested on
four competencies: oral and written comprehension and oral and written expression.
The dates of all evaluations are fixed in advance by the professors and advance
intimation is given to the students. No retest will be conducted in the case of students
missing the internal tests and the final exam.

● Students who wish to continue into a higher level must obtain a minimum of 50% in the
final results computed at the end of the course and a minimum of 7 on 25 in each
competency, in the final exam.

● Courses include a significant number of online assignments on our digital learning
platform “MonAlliance”. Students are expected to complete the modules within the
stipulated time as these are an integral part of the course curriculum and are meant to
enhance the learning program. Students who do not have access to a computer or
Internet may reserve a slot in the library to complete their weekly modules.

● An attestation is issued on demand to students at the end of the course and after the
declaration of results. Students may request in writing to [email protected] and the
same shall be emailed within 7 working days on the students’ registered email.

● At the end of their course, students will be requested to fill up an online questionnaire
on Google Form to give their feedback about their learning experience at the Alliance
Française Jaipur . Such feedback is indispensable and essential for us to improve the
quality of our services.


● Students from other institutes and students joining after a break of more than six
months are welcome to join directly into our higher levels.

● An evaluation may be conducted to ensure optimum proficiency and for a better fit in
the subsequent levels. The Alliance Francaise Jaipur reserves the right to organise these
placement tests if necessary.

● If the student has a DELF DALF certificate from any Alliance in the world, this will be
considered as valid proof of their proficiency for admission into higher levels. However
the management reserves the right to put the student through an additional set of tests
to ensure their proficiency should the case arise and be necessary.

● In certain cases an access test is necessary. This is called Evalang. The objective of the
access test is to ascertain whether the student possesses the required competencies to
be able to directly enter the desired level of study and to cope with the course.

● The results of the access test will be valid for a period of one month only and students
are therefore encouraged to take it only before they wish to register for a class.

● Students enrolled in a class at the Alliance Française Jaipur, within the last six months,
are not permitted to take an access test instead of their final evaluation.


● Course fees include administrative charges, tuition fees, digital learning platform
subscription fees, library fees and GST as applicable. DELF-DALF exam registration fees
are not included and will have to be paid separately during the exam registration period.

● Access to the digital platform MonAlliance is valid from the date of commencement of a
course to the end of the course.

● Fees are to be paid in full by bank transfer, cheque, UPI transactions, debit/credit card.
Fees are inclusive of GST.

● Course fees are not refundable and are not transferable to a third person or to any other
Alliance Française in India or the world.


● Please note that the early bird discount is applicable for registrations at least one month
to upto 10 days prior to the start of the course and entitles the student to a 10%
discount (levels A,B,C)

● A student who registers with their sibling(s)/friend(s) at the same time receives a 10%
discount valid for the first registration and any subsequent ones thereafter.

● Discounted course fees cannot be refunded.

● Discounts cannot be accumulated.


● No refund request will be considered after the student has attended a maximum of 5
classes, of the total duration of the classes. Refund requests, if any will be initiated for
them except under exceptional circumstances, like a severe medical emergency. In this
case, a transfer to another batch will be first considered before a refund.

● Deferment can be applied before the beginning of the session. It is valid for 6 months
from the raising of the deferment request and students can join a batch/session
different to that originally registered within this 6 months period.


● Classes are not held on public holidays and other gazetted leaves. A course calendar with
holidays will be shared with students at the start of the batch and any changes will be
communicated by the teacher in advance.

● Transfers from one batch to another are not encouraged. In exceptional cases, students
may apply for a transfer from one batch to another, within the same session, or from
weekday batches to weekend batches or vice versa. Such a transfer becomes effective
only after a written application has been submitted to the office, approval of the transfer
by the management, payment of the relevant transfer of batch fee and payment of any
extra amount on account of an increase in admission, tuition, library fee, books or GST
or a difference in the number of hours or rates over weekends. No extra amount will be
refunded to the student. Such transfers will be authorized subject to availability of seats
in the desired batch. The Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to refuse such a

● Once the transfer is approved, the student must fill out the transfer form and make the
relevant payment in order for the transfer to be processed. The student must select the
class and timing into which they wish to be transferred immediately and is expected to
keep themselves informed about the commencement of classes. Fees may only be
transferred into the session immediately following the session into which admission has
been taken.

● The student will only receive credit for the balance number of hours of the course,
commencing from the date on which the written transfer application request is
submitted to the management and not from the date on which they stopped attending
classes or informed the teacher.

● A written application requesting a transfer along with supporting documents to justify
the reason for the transfer request must be submitted to the management in written on
[email protected] and [email protected].

● Admissions are on a first come first served basis. The amount for registration if any or
order difference of course fee will not be refunded nor transferred to another session
should the student fail to complete the admission procedure on time and fail to get a
seat in the batch of their choice. In the event of the same, the amount stands forfeited.

● The Alliance Française Jaipur does not guarantee the commencement of any class at any
level at the preferred timings of the student in the session to which the fees are
transferred. The student will have to choose between available batches in the session to
which fees have been transferred or forfeit the amount of the credit.

● The Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to refuse any transfer of session


● When classes have a very low enrollment rate, options for joining equivalent groups are
offered (if possible).

● Cancellation is the last option considered.

● In case of cancellation, students can choose either refund or deferment to the next

● Those opting for a deferment to the next session must be aware of the fact that the
specific level may not be offered or may only be offered at a different day/time.


● The French Ministry of Education offers the French language proficiency certificate
which is an examination organised by the Alliance Francaise locally at least 4 times a
year for three different age groups – PRIM [children], Junior [for 11yrs to 17yrs] and
Adults [17 yrs and above]. These exams are conducted as per the rules and guidelines
established by the French Ministry of Education. For more information on the rules and
guidelines, please visit Alliance Francaise Jaipur website.

● In case of loss of certificate/ correction of details on the certificate, the duplicate
certificate can be availed as per procedure prescribed by the French Ministry of
Education. A fee may be charged for making the said corrections to the certificate.

● Alliance Française Jaipur is not responsible for uncollected International examination
Certificates (DELF/DALF) after 6 months.


● Access to the library is reserved for students, members of the Alliance Française Jaipur
and of the library, holding valid ID cards. Students become members of the library by
default, once they enroll in a class. Such membership automatically expires at the end of
the course. Students who do not wish to continue into higher levels but wish to use the
library facilities may do so by paying the relevant library membership fees.

● Students shall adhere to all the Rules and Regulations of the Library failing which they
may be denied access to the same.

● Students who do not return books on time will not be issued new books and will be
denied access to library facilities or admission into higher levels until they return the

● Students will have to reimburse the cost of books, magazines, and comics, DVDs or CDs
lost or damaged by them.

● Students are entitled and encouraged to attend all our cultural events and will receive
regular whatsapp updates, emails and information via the website and newsletter
regarding the same.


● The Alliance Française reserves the right to reject any application without assigning a

● Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to assign any teacher to any class.

● Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to divide, combine, change the hours, modify
etc the

● Alliance Française Jaipur reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, as it
deems necessary, without advance notification
Official mail, Email, Phone, What’s App, Telegram and My Alliance are considered as
official channels of communication between Alliance Française Jaipur and its students.
Information about the classes (unforseen postponement or cancellation) out of the class
timings will be shared on the What’s App group of the class. In the case of a minor
student, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure they can access the phone number
(and What’s App group of the class) shared with Alliance Française Jaipur administration.
Alliance Française Jaipur cannot be held responsible for miscommunication between a
minor student and his/her parents.