Dear Students,

Just a few instructions that we’d like everyone to keep in mind concerning the online classes of Alliance Française Jaipur

* Keep in mind that our online classes are open for residents of Rajasthan only. 


1. Try as much as possible to join the class with a stable internet connection.

2. It is mandatory that you join the class with your VIDEO ON. If, in any case, you have to turn your video off for some time, please, inform/ask permission of the instructor first, as you would do in a “real life” classroom.

3. It is recommended to join the class with a PC/MAC instead of a mobile device for your own convenience.

4. There won’t be any video/audio recordings of the class available. Students are not allowed to record the sessions (audio/video) in order to respect the image’s right and the private life of each and every one.

4. The class starts at the times previously defined. Just like our teacher, students are invited to respect the timings and join the class on time.

5. We keep track of attendance, in case you’ll be unable to join the class, you must inform the instructor.

6. If you have any doubts related to our class, with the help of the teacher, you can go through them either in the beginning or in the end of the class (please make sure you schedule it with the instructor first).

7. For any direct call out of the class timing, an appointment will be asked by the student first, and approved by the teacher to discuss a specific point. Only the teacher will decide if the request asked by the student needs a direct /personal call or if it’ll be discussed during the class with the other students.

8. If you wish to contact the administrative team of Alliance Francaise, please do it within the opening time of the institute, to respect the private life of everybody.

9. For any other relevant queries, please contact us solely through email (Administration address – [email protected]. Your written work can also be sent to the instructor via email of the teacher.


Having said that, we hope that you have a fruitful and fun session with us! Thanks in advance for your comprehension and cooperation!