Alliance Française Jaipur

The official arm for the promotion of the French Language and culture in Rajasthan. Expanding its horizons with the 15th and the newest Alliance in the Indian network, academic and linguistic sector of the French Embassy in India. We offer certified French language classesDELF DALF certifications (under the Ministry of Education, France) and cultural activities. Our courses are always open for registration.

Offering online and offline classes, cultural activities, and training for teachers of French across Rajasthan, Alliance Francaise jaipur.

For more information contact Girija Nathawat, Head of Learning at [email protected]

You can also register directly on classes open for registration:

Benefits of Learning French at Alliance Française Jaipur

  1. Teachers trained and certified by the French Embassy in India.
  2. Online, Offline and Hybrid(partially online partially offline) Learning French Classes.
  3. Course curriculum developed by French Embassy in accordance with guidelines of Ministry of Education, France.
  4. Certificates are awarded on completion of each course level.
  5. Subsidised cost for French national exams of DELF and DALF (4500 INR for A1 and A2, and 5600 for B1 and B2) For all Registered students of AF Jaipur.
  6. Free counseling at Campus France office for higher education.
  7. Priority access to all cultural activities of the French Institute in India.
  8. Free 6-month membership of online, digital library Culturetheque with over 2 million resources in books, music, comics and films.
  9. Frequent sessions with native French speakers as part of our Cafe with a French initiative to enhance the speaking skills developed during the classes.
  10. Get noticed: Share your experience through videos and get noticed on our social media platforms!

How We Teach?

At AF Jaipur, we learn by doing. The action method allows for active teaching and learning. Real-world situations are used to build lessons and to develop skills of conversation and listening. The classroom is a francophone environment, which means, irrespective of the level of learners, they are immersed in a French environment from Day 1. Classroom teaching is mixed with workshops in order to achieve all-around learning. Classes are held in an online or a hybrid mode (part online part offline) and all assessments and tests are conducted 100 % online.

DELF/DALF Results @ Alliance Française Jaipur

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